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What is the benefit to learn Wing Chun Seed

A happy and healthy life is all about balance. Grand master Chan will share with you after practiced over fifty years with his Wingchun life.

What is Wing Chun Seed – WCS (Wingchunseed)

WCS is a form of Chinese Kungfu Exercise (CKE) using three Wingchun Chinese martial art (CMA) forms for your cardio exercise. Chan Shifu trained Wingchun system from the sixties in Hongkong under Grand master Ip Man and Grand master Moy Yat. The benefit to train CMA rather than other form of exercise because it is more holistic, with all parts of your body from inside to outside, from body to soul and spirit, which will improve your heart blood circulation and better balance inside all of you.

You need about two and half minutes to perform the whole WCS system. The result will increase oxygen to your blood cells and build you a stronger body coordination.

What is WCS Community – within family and friends

Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) build on family structure and relationship. A form of education training in discipline and respect about life within a community. Community Wing Chun (CWC) from Grand master Nelson Chan is to help building small Wingchunseed communities. What is a small community means? under 10 students is small, under 30 students is medium, under 60 is a large community. For family of four, a large community of a Wingchunseed community takes fifteen families.

What do we do?

Chan Shifu from CWC send a message to all young people as follows: I urge you to find a way to remain alone with yourself. Listen to your silences, not always along with the norm, try to find not what the crowd wants so you may be successful, but try instead to find the true inner meaning of your life here on earth, never give up on your heart in your struggle for peace, decency and telling the truth. Your Chinese Kungfu training will escort you in your whole life time.

From Wingchunseed training, you learn about your limitation physically and spiritually. You will understand who you are and what you want within the community. The one who will support you and love you most is your friends and family, which will help you understand purpose of your living and a meaningful life.

How is CWC work?

The reason we practice CMA is to gain self-confident and self-esteems. Living in discipline and respect, sharing with others to become rich. CWC study BVOCHART, practice WCS, and exercise the Six tenets of Wingchunseed from Chan Shifu online seminars. CWC is a closed community for members only. Only followers of Grand master Chan will get support in good health and self-defense techniques.

What is CKE in CWC?

Learning the whole Wingchun system online is easy to say than do. As a systems programmer, I have redesigned the way to deliver Wingchun system as a Software upgrade, and WCS students are hardware to be upgraded, as well as firmware upgrade. CKE stands for Chinese Kungfu Exercise, each one takes under 60 seconds to learn, when added up all these upgrades, students should be able to perform based on individual needs.

List of CKE videos:

Below is the Table of contents for every WAH/CKE clip in the future:

日期: 5月16日,2019
講員簡介: 陳師傅,基愛武術
專題講座: 養心詠春拳

North York Chinese Baptist Church
A Chinese Kungfu Exercise (CKE) seminar
Community Wing Chun (CWC)
Date: November 17, 2019

日期: 11月17日
講員簡介: 基愛武術, 神武師傅陳就祥
專題講座: 拳經與聖經 – 心正拳至正、靈高品更高。

Geneva Park Yoga Retreat Simcoe-Muskoka YMCA
Workshop Topic: 養心拳論 The Way to Nourish Your Spirit in Martial Art training. CKE ( Chinese Kungfu Exercise)
Nov 24, 2019 Sunday